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!! OMG, meet the RILLLL Cookie Lyons — says this woman who is suing FOX, claiming the series is based on her life !!


YUP! Looks about right! Except the eyebrow game is more on-point in real life! Sophia Eggleston is looking for her piece of EMPIRE’s “Cookie,”, claiming the character was based of her mess of a life!

As reported by Page Six, Eggleston has filed a 50-page lawsuit against Fox and Empire co-creator for $300 million alleging that they stole her life story. In other words, she says, she’s the real Cookie Lyons, the fabulous tornado of a character played by Taraji P. Henson, who just received an Emmy nomination for her portrayal.

In her filing, Eggleston lays out evidence that she claims supports her accusation that she’s the original Cookie, and provides a timeline of her attempts to sell her own life story to Hollywood as further proof. Plus, they both love fur coats!

In 2010, Eggleston, now 53, published a memoir titled The Hidden Hand, which chronicled her life as a former drug kingpin. She goes on to list other similarities between her story and Cookie’s that proves, as the lawsuit states, the “folly of maintaining that the two works were independently created.”

I believe Sophia! She does look the part! And she’s definitely seen her share of droogs. That face doesn’t lie! Git it Sophia!

[via dailybeast]

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