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!! OMG, better late than never! New works by Andy Warhol discovered on 30-year-old Amiga computer floppy disks !!

‘Andy2’ (pictured above) is one of the newly-discovered works which was found on an old floppy disk created on an Amiga computer from 1985 with the help of artist Cory Arcangel. Acording to ABC.net.au:

Carnegie Mellon art professor Golan Levin said the work was recovered thanks in part to someone posting on YouTube a 1985 infomercial showing Warhol using an Amiga computer to create a digital portrait of singer Debbie Harry.
A Warhol fan, artist Cory Arcangel, saw the YouTube video and in 2011 began investigating whether there was more computer art from Warhol to be found.
His inquiry brought him to The Andy Warhol Museum’s archives in Pittsburgh, where he found a cache of floppy disks that remained unlabelled because the museum lacked the outdated technology needed to read them.
Arcangel helped link the museum with the computer club at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, one of the top US technology schools.
After some digital sleuthing, the club used a process called retro-computing to reveal the images in a matter of hours.

And here I was thinking that Cory Arcangel‘s biggest contribution to society was going to be to create giant video game art for us to wander into and play in the middle of New York City while super baked — but then he goes out and helps fix history n stuff! Nice one, dood! Check out another couple of the newly-discovered Warhol works after the jump!

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