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!! OMG, gossip: Adele says she wrote her best songs while wasted !!


“I don’t have time to fall apart [now] like I did then” [dlisted]

Beyonce & Jay are Barbie & Ken Carter [lainey]

…and Adele on motherhood: ‘I actually think it’s the bravest thing to not have a child.’ [celebitchy]

James Franco endoses Hillary again, but this time shirtless in a towel [instinct]

Bob the Drag Queen surprises one lucky kid who dresses as him for Halloween by trick ‘r’ treatin with him [towleroad]

Zayn Malik talks battle with eating disorder [queerty]

Breaking an 111 year tradition, Variety endorses Clinton [boyculture]

All the gayest Instagram moments from your favourite celebs this week [socialite life]

Watch Killer Clown Madonna choke Donald Trump on Halloween [idolator]

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!! OMG, Ho Ho Ho: Check out some of the sluttiest Christmas costumes for guys !!


Good morning! Buzzfeed threw together a list of some of the whoreiest get ups for dudes for the holidays, and if you’re like me, you’ll run screaming, not creaming! Check out some of them after the jump, and find the full Buzzfeed list HERE.


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!! OMG, what are you going as?: A creepy vintage Halloween costume MEGA-POST! !!

It’s October already, and if you follow the site, you’ve probably come to notice that Igor is a little horror-genre-cally inclined. We’ve even created a new tag here at OMG: Hey Boo! (Bookmark dat shit!) This all extends into the fact that I’m also a bit of a freak when it comes to Halloween time.
When I was a kid, my costumes started out as some basic stereotypes of different occupations (ehem, sometimes different countries too — I was a child! — That would never fly today…) and then it kind of forayed into influences from whatever I was into: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Nintendo, Power Rangers (Billy, the gay, obvi), or Legend Of Kyrandia — and today they’re normally just a gorey, bloody mess.
Some of the most cherished Halloween costumes out there come from yesteryear, when people were still out sacrificing goats in the town square! Isn’t that what the true spirit of Halloween is really all about!?
Check out a massive photo collection of creepy vintage Halloween costumes after the jump! What are you going as this year?

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