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!! OMG, mummy — look what I found!: 10 year-old German boy finds a real mummy in the attic !!

In “it’s-never-too-early-for-Halloween” type news (my local dollar store already has its decorations out): A ten year-old boy in Diepholz, Germany was playing in his grandparent’s attic when he discovered a sarcophagus hidden in the corner. Inside was a human mummy, which forensics experts say that after scanning, revealed to have an arrow lodged inside of its eye.
Another expert who attended a CT scan of the mummy says that while the skull is real, the rest of the mummy is a fake, compiled of “several human bodies”! Fierce!
Police say that if the mummy is found to be more than a few hundred years old, they won’t investigate foul-play. This is why I don’t have children.
[via artdaily]

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