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!! OMG, the last days of disco: A beautiful look at Italy’s now abandoned and once-thriving disco clubs !!

Photographer Antonio La Grotta has documented some of the beautiful ruins of the hey-day of Italy’s once vibrant disco club scene. Via Slate:

Through the 1980s and some of the 1990s, giant discotheques on the outskirts of Italian cities were at the center of the nightlife scene. Inspired by an economic boom, partiers frequented spaces designed to celebrate opulence and splendor, built, as Antonio La Grotta described them, “large enough to contain the dreams of success, money, and fun of thousands of people.”
Eventually, tastes changed. In the late 1990s, La Grotta said, smaller bars and clubs opened in the city with live concerts and DJs, drawing revelers away from the large discotheques, rendering them “cement whales” housing “echo and melancholy.”

Check out more of Antonio’s incredible photos after the jump!

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!! OMG, listen to this: Tommy feat. Sally Shapiro collab on the disco-touched “Why Did I Say Goodbye” !!

Swedish Italo disco singer Sally Shapiro is back, lending her soothing lullaby-esque vocals to a track on Tommy‘s album ‘Frequency Modulations which is out March 2014 on Girlfriend Records. Check out Why Did I Say Goodbye? below!

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!! OMG, let’s all head to the roller-disco: Todd Terje returns with “Spiral & “Q” !!

Norwegian producer Todd Terje is back with some summer heat for your frozen, wintered bones. He’s just released 2 new warm tracks which you can stream, in full below. From SPIN:

“Spiral” is a beaming, Italo-inspired answer to Miami Vice, right down to the roto-toms. It’s not all so sunny, though: Listen closely, and you may even hear a hint of the Cure’s Disintegration in the chiming guitars. The B-side’s “Q”, meanwhile, is a 12-minute foray into what the label describes as “trance-not-trance,” and we’re inclined to agree with them. Playing a lean synthesizer arpeggio off twinkling chords, and spinning it all through loop-de-loops of filtered delay, it would make a fine soundtrack to any roller-disco outings you may have planned this holiday season — or ice-rink disco, for that matter.

Terje’s debut album is due out in March, 2014!

[thanks Kev!]

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