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!! OMG, stop what you’re doing! After 50 years, BARBIE can finally be more basic by wearing flats !!


Here’s some important world news! BARBIE can finally wear flats and UGG boots just like real girls due to her new flexible ankle!

The doll’s latest “Fashionista” line, recently introduced by toy manufacturer Mattel, features “articulated ankles” that can adjust for both high heel shoes and flat-soled footwear.
It’s the first time in the iconic doll’s history that she will be able to step out in relative comfort. Past incarnations have always featured heeled-shoe accessories for the ever-youthful party girl, whose feet were perpetually frozen in an angled position.

But Mattel figured it only made sense that the new “Film Director Barbie” would wear “running-around-the-set flats.” Don’t worry though, she can still put on a pair of heels for the movie premiere, the ad reads.

Phew, I really was worried there for a sec! But can Barbie wear sweats with paw prints on the butt? Can Barbie wear a ‘LOVES PINK’ hoody? Anyway, congrats Barbie! Take a load off, hon! You’ve been on that stroll for far too long!


[via ctv]

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