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!! OMG, Janet Davis is our hero: Crackhead Mayor Rob Ford’s Brother Doug Ford Told To Shut His ‘F–king Mouth’ By Toronto Councillor !!

Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford confessed to smoking crack back in November, yet somehow he and his brother Doug still have their jobs! NICE ONE!
Well today, counciller Janet Davis decided to speak her mind when she walked up to cutie Doug Ford during a meeting about programs for the children and families of Toronto, and told him to “keep his f*cking mouth shut”! WERRRRK, honnay!
Doug (who looks like a giant 5 year-old) responded like a 5 year-old by saying:

“She just came up and told me to keep my effing mouth shut, I don’t need that talk up here,”
“Why don’t you just leave?” he said to Davis. “You call yourself a lady, give me a break.”

Boo-hoo! Let’s not forget that the Ford brothers are likely tied to Anthony Smith‘s murder, smoke crack cocaine, have been caught on tape threatening to kill someone, and talk about their sexual practices in vulgar terms, while live on air, for all to watch!
The chairperson at the meeting made Janet apologize to Doug, and Janet later tweeted this:
Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 5.17.13 PM.png
Really, no need to apologize, Janet!
[via huffpo]

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