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!! OMG, feeling generous, papi? Help This Gay, Berlin-Set Feature Film ‘M / M’ Get Made !!

Ever wanted to be an executive producer on a feature film — or maybe you’ve got 10 bucks to spare for the sake of art? M / M is a feature-length, experimental, narrative film set in Berlin, Germany and written and directed by Drew Lint, and the crew are in their last week of their IndieGogo campaign which needs your help! A bit about the film:

The story follows Matthew, a Canadian new to Berlin who’s come looking to make a fresh start. Matthew meets Matthias, a striking and confident, young German. Their brief encounter leaves Matthew reeling. He becomes fixated. As his obsession grows, Matthew begins to take over Matthias’ identity. Being watched by the dead eyes of stone statues, he moves further and further away from reality into a world dominated by dreams and fantasies. This interior world starts to merge with the exterior world and reality really becomes a state of mind. Techno thunders and bodies quiver.

There’s just one week left in the Indiegogo fundraising campaign for this queer film project! You can contribute to the campaign and get sweet rewards in return — like a download of the finished film, an iPhone case, a tote bag, — even an Executive Producer credit if you really shell out the big bucks. Check out the new campaign video above and take a peek at a trailer video for the film! Click HERE to contribute and be a part of it today.

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!! OMG, feeling generous? Help The Berlin-Set Gay Feature Film ‘M / M’ Get Made This Fall !!

M / M is a feature-length, experimental, narrative film set in Berlin, Germany and written and directed by Drew Lint. A bit about M / M:

Matthew is a Canadian new to Berlin. He’s come to escape from himself, make a fresh start. When he meets Matthias, he finds what he’s been looking for. Matthias is the new Matthew. Consciously or unconsciously, Matthew begins to take over Matthias’ identity. He cuts his hair, gets a tattoo, buys new clothes. When Matthias gets into a motorcycle accident, the opportunity is too perfect. Matthew is Matthias. In his coma, Matthias’ dreams and memories blur together, merging with the reality happening outside. Interior becomes exterior. Where the real ends and the artificial begins is a puzzle for all parties involved.

YUSS! I always look forward to a single-white-female vibe, especially when paired with fit German lads! The crew is looking for support in helping them reach their funding goal so they can complete the film this fall. Head over to their Indie-Go-go page where you can contribute to an awesome project and in-turn take home a piece of the production. Check out their teaser trailer above!

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