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!! OMG, this cut-up of drunk people to THE WALKING DEAD opening bares an uncanny resemblance to the real thing !!

Season 5 of The Walking Dead premiered on Monday and was the highest watched episode of the show ever! Maybe it’s because the stars of the show are highly relatable.
Check out “The Walking Drunk”, a cut-up of drunk people on camera edited to the opening of The Walking Dead!

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!! OMG, I’ve been drinking watermelon: Presenting Our Newest Instagram Crush !!

If you have yet to have your first cup of coffee (or Arizona Iced Tea) this morning, and need an extra slap across the jaw to get your ass out of bed — then let Instagram goddess ‘jstlivinbby’ share some sage words of wisdom with you.
Process her insightful views on Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk In Love’ above! (And yes — we filed this post under ‘Artumnal’ because that’s where it belongs — with other fine art, on a flatscreen at the Musée du Louvre!)

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