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!! OMG, gossip: Slipknot Clowns Around And Works A John Wayne Gacy Look On The Grammy Red Carpet !!

YASSS! Shawn “Clown” Crahan of Slipknot showed up wearing what looked like one of John Wayne Gacy‘s old clown masks [dlisted]
Madonna looked finger-lickin good at The Grammy‘s last night [boy culture]
Coca-Cola is cool with Russia’s anti-gay laws and condones tackling of LGBTQ activist at Sochi games [queerty]
Sochi Mayor: ‘We have no gays in Sochi’ [towleroad]
That homophobic family from Duck Dynasty, all clean-cut and put-together, before growing beards for their fake reality show about rednecks [kenneth]
Shia LeBeouf‘s ‘Plagiarism was performance art'[popbytes]
Rosie to return to The View [joemygod]
Is Bieber on the roids? [celebitchy]
Livin’ dat single lyfe: Ricky Martin takes a selfie [socialite life]
Behold, the new Mountain from Games Of Thrones [unrealitymag]
Far too pricey for Oprah: Herm├Ęs reveals it’s new watches [ohlala]
Hidden cheats from within Grand Theft Auto 5 [double viking]

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