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!! OMG, say it ain’t so! ANGELYNE to sell her famous pink Corvette !!


…BUT – she’ll get a new one. And her old one could be YOURS TODAY, as the ultimate adult-sized Barbie mobile is currently bidding at $13,600.00 on eBay.

The platinum-haired goddess of self-promotion Angelyne has put her pink Corvette (one of at least ten Corvettes that Angelyne has owned throughout her reign as the undisputed billboard queen of Los Angeles) up for auction. The sweet ride comes with a removable top (because, of course it does) and Angelyne herself will even sign this hot pink rocket for the winning bidder. Here’s Angelyne talking about her love of all things pink and the aquisition of her ninth Corvette back in 2014:

“I got my first one in the mid-eighties. This is my ninth one, and I’m going to get my tenth next year. I had a special paint made for me. It has a formula that is very hard to get because it uses a toner that they don’t make anymore.”

So, go on! Call daddy and tell him you need a new pink convertable to go shopping in! AN ICONIC ONE.

[via DangerousMinds]

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!! OMG, Call me Kaelin! The actual suit worn by Kato Kaelin at the OJ Simpson trail is for sale on Ebay !!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 3.00.40 PM

Get it while its tasteless! Yes, you can own the suit worn by a key witness at a murder trail by bidding on Ebay for it. The seller is obviously capitalizing on the the popularity of the new Ryan Murphy directed/produced show The People VS OJ Simpson, as well as the new recent evidence found on the case… How much would you pay?

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!! OMG, GET IT HONNAY! Woman tries to sell plots of land on the Sun on eBay, is denied, sues eBay !!


In terms of being your own boss and becoming an entrepreneur and stuff — I really look up to Maria Duran! Girl might be crazier than a shithouse rat, BUT she has been successfully selling plots of the Sun on eBay, who banned her listings, saying they “violated the site’s intangible goods policy”. Naturally, Maria is now suing eBay for not letting her sell pieces of the Sun. DUH! It’s what any person with a sliver of self respect left (don’t look at me!) might do.

54-year-old Maria Duran registered the sun in her name at a notary office in Spain in 2010 and now a local court told her that it will actually hear her case against eBay after the company blocked its sun auctions.

“I am not a stupid person and I know the law,” the woman said, and she’s targeting eBay’s seller agreement policy which she thinks she hasn’t breached.

Duran is apparently taking advantage of the UN’s Outer Space Treaty, which prevents a sovereign nation from owning a celestial body, but not an individual. She was inspired by a U.S. entrepreneur who registered planets and the moon under his name in 2010 and 2011, and made more than $10 million by selling land on the moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

Maria sounds like a genius! Loopholes for days, Maria! Teleport us to MARS!

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