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!! OMG, first look at Jamie Dornan looking fine in the ’50 Shades’ trailer !!

First look at Jamie Dornan looking fine in the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer [ohlala]
Elizabeth Banks: ‘I promote safe sex… and abstinence until you put a ring on it.’ [celebitchy]
Lily Allen releases ‘As Long As I Got You’ video [popbytes]
Hold me closer, vintage DANZA [boy culture]
Bout the sweetest thing I’ve heard all morning: Harlem Atlah Church gets super creative with their latest message of “Christian” hate [towleroad]
Grab the Bengay, a pack of Depends, and Worthers Originals:Lady Gaga & Tony Bennet record Anything Goes [joemygod]
A shirtless Jordan Catalano enjoys the water in Italy [socialite life]
Intelligent people all have one thing is common: They stay up later than stupid people [kenneth]
Michele Bachmann thinks gays want to ‘freely prey on little children sexually’ [queerty]
COMIC NERDS: The ‘Darth Car’ makes its debut at SDCC [unrealitymag]
Orlando Bloom tried to hit a toddler Justin Bieber [dlisted]
Top 10 Celebrity Weddings of 2014 [celeb cafe]

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