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!! OMG, gossip: The only Beyonce moment from her appearance on ‘The View’ that matters !!

Affirmative [boy culture]
Want a gay baby? This doctor says he can inject our baby with the gay gene [queerty]
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone give one fan the greatest photobomb ever [socialite life]
BARFSVILLE: Bill Cosby made a rape joke at his show in London, Ontario and the audience loved it [dlisted]
YES. This was the Ambassador to Finland‘s Christmas card [kenneth]
The world has lost another GILF: RIP Rod Taylor [joemygod]
A Polaroid session with Dave Franco where he has his clothes on for L’Officiel Hommes Germany [ohlala]
Apparently, J.Lo is a fan of cleanses and fat burning pills. Aren’t we all?! [celebitchy]
Michael Sam is reportedly engaged to his boyfriend Vito Cammisano [towleroad]
Kayla Victoria: The cosplayer who should be on your radar [unrealitymag]
SIA‘s Elastic Heart video drops, but not without controversy [popbytes]
A look back at Ed Norton‘s top 10 films [celeb cafe]

!! OMG, his butt: Andrew Garfield naked in ‘Red Riding: In The Year Of Our Lord 1974’ !!

Are you spidey-senses tingling? Spiderman and current Emma Stone hump piece Andrew Garfield gets the hosedown in Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974. Check him out after the NSFW jump!

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!! OMG, gossip: Damien from ‘Mean Girls’ is gonna be on the next season of ‘Looking’ !!

Damien from Mean Girls will appear on the next season of Looking [queerty]
LeAnn Rimes jokes that she raped her ex-boyfriend [celebitchy]
God is watching us… from a distance: Coco brings her baked hams to the beach [dlisted]
Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Brad and Angelina tie the knot [boy culture]
Kazaky‘s Pulse video will gift you some leatherdaddy-in-heels inspirations for your big night out later [joemygod]
Andrew Garfield and his hobo-hipster beard keep it coupley with Emma Stone in Venice [socialite life]
Stay classy! Manhattan Denny’s will serve your Grand Slam with a bottle Dom for $300 dollars [kenneth]
Condragulations, you’re still in the running… Kylie Jenner is the new Kim Kartrashian [popbytes]
That ‘Ninja Turtles that could have been’ pic is giving me ‘Manorexic in Area 51′ worries [unrealitymag]
Man sues Little Caesars for denying health benefits to his husband [towleroad]
The Walking Dead cover Entertainment Weekly [ohlala]
The Top 10 ‘Fashion Police’ Moments with Joan Rivers (get well soon!) [celeb cafe]


!! OMG, gossip: Presenting the best example of a mother’s response to her son coming out !!

Seriously, Zach! The ANTS! [kenneth]
Leo parties on $600 million dollar yacht, donates 7 Million to ocean conservation [celebitchy]
Justin Bieber charged with vandalism (and dressing terribly) [popbytes]
Kellan Lutz works an Austin Powers vibe [socialite life]
Iggy Pop for Amnesty International [joemygod]
RIP Gay adult film star Cameron Fox, dead at 36 [queerty]
Sav California’s Randy Thomasson says marriage equality is a ‘form of slavery’ [towleroad]
Spiderman and Emma Stone need to STOP with these cutesy-edgey signs for the paps [dlisted]
‘The White Towel’ featuring model Steven Chevrin by Mario Testino [ohlala]
Revisiting ‘Dead Like Me’ [unrealitymag]
Man stuck in airport makes amazing Celine Dion ‘All by Myself’ video [boy culture]
The Top 10 Music Video from Aaliyah (RIP babygurl) [celeb cafe]