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!! OMG, FTW! Apple releases racially diverse emojis for every colour of the rainbow — even bright yellow! !!

I know! You’ve been absolutely outraged at the lack of racial diversity in your emoji pack! It’s been hard to sleep at night! Well — you can clear that internet conscience, because Apple has released a new emoji pack today, an update to Apple’s iOS and OSX systems that will enable users to modify skin tones themselves with a specific emoji keyboard. Even THE GAYS are in there. Phew!

It’s a comprehensive update, with over 300 emoji characters being introduced altogether, including same-sex families. Previously, the only non-white emoji were a man with a turban, a chap with a Cossack hat and a Chinese man who was presumably intended to represent the entirety of East Asia.

We’re all for inclusiion, but WTF is up with the BRIGHT yellow guy?! Unless they’re aiming for Homer Simpson inclusion, that one needs to go back to the drawing board! Anyway, are you excited to be able to send your friends emojis that correctly represent them?
[via DAZED]

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