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!! OMG, how aboot a reboot of Reboot?: The beloved cartoon series will return! !!

If you are a grown man, millennial goth in some drapey Raf Simons, and you are running out of animated Net Art gifs for your Tumblr blog — then fear not: You will soon have plenty to draw from!
Just in time to celebrate its 20th year, the Reboot cartoon series is making a comeback! According to Rainmaker Entertainment:

Making its debut on television screens in 1994, ReBoot was centered on the world of Mainframe, where a guardian program sprite and his friends defended the system from superviruses bent on creating havoc and destruction. Mainframe Entertainment will team with leading computer industry manufacturers to update the ReBoot universe and create a ground-breaking viewing experience for fans.

Are you excited to see Bob, Enzo, and Dot Matrix back on the small screen?
[via HuffPo]

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