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!! OMG, listen to this: Legowelt’s ‘Crystal Cult 2080’ !!

Legowelt is a Dutch producer who’s new album Crystal Cult 2080 is a combination of warm and fuzzy electronic elements, stirred with some danceable house and techno tracks.
A bit about the inspiration for the album:

The ‘2080’ part of the album title is taken from the Roland JV2080, a legendary digital synthesizer from the nineties that was used a lot in the making of the album. Bought second-hand in Tokyo for a couple of hundred dollars, it lends the record a very dewy eyed soul, whilst the ‘Crystal’ part of the title stands for the self-made ‘DIY germanium crystal compressor’ Legowelt used throughout the writing process.

If either of the two tracks above have left you wanting more, you can purchase the album HERE or stream the full album HERE.

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