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!! OMG, New EVERLAST ‘I’m a boxer” Commercial takes on sexism in sports !!

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 9.15.30 AM.png

“Don’t call me a female boxer. I’m a boxer.”

Everlast has released a powerful new ad which takes on the need for an equal playing field when it comes to gender in sports. A bit about the commercial from director Claire Edmonson via The Huffington Post:

“There seems to be a trend happening where women’s career titles are constantly being genderized. For instance, I’m constantly referred to as a ‘female director’ instead of a ‘director’ and I wanted to address that. I also wanted to make something positive for young girls to see.”
Edmondson explained the message she wants these girls to take away from the video.
“I’m hoping that they feel encouraged to stick with whatever they are doing, even if it feels a little hopeless at time and for them to know they do matter.”

Check out the clip below!

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!! OMG, quote of the day: Evangeline Lilly on Feminism !!


“I’m very proud of being a woman, and as a woman, I don’t even like the word feminism because when I hear that word, I associate it with women trying to pretend to be men, and I’m not interested in trying to pretend to be a man,” Evangeline said. “I don’t want to embrace manhood, I want to embrace my womanhood.”

Watch the internet explode in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

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!! OMG, bow down to Vulvatron, bitches! It’s GWAR’s new female vocalist !!

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 7.40.58 PM.png
The ‘splash zone’ at the GWAR concert is about to get a whole new meaning — if you CATCH MY DRIFT!
GWAR have crowned a new front woman (a co-front person technically, joining vocalist Blothar) tastefully named — VULVATRON! ! !

It’s no secret that metal’s demographics still skew heavily towards straight white cis men, but this decade has marked a definite shift; audiences are diversifying. But there is still a lot of work to be done. Representation matters, and now, all of a sudden, there’s a big, brash, bold new female personality on stage with a legendary band. Moreover, she’s just as gross and goofy as her male bandmates, whether she’s slaying dinosaurs or disemboweling Nazi skinheads onstage or drenching her minions with the aforementioned boob-blood (a move which, as a bit of trivia, references Slymenstra’s past crotch-spewing exploits).
Vulvatron’s costume is skimpy, but so are those of her bandmates; it’s not a Gwar show unless everyone’s arse is out. She occupies a powerful role. She’s nobody’s girlfriend, or groupie or background dancer; Vulvatron is in charge. She gets to be a monster instead of a princess, and that is immensely important for younger girls who are just starting to explore heavy metal.

There really is no better way into my heart than disembowelling Nazi skinheads for entertainment purposes. Or boob blood. Vulvatron had me at “Hello.” Welcome aboard the role model club!
[via wonderingsound]

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!! OMG, it will scare your tits off: Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House !!

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 12.12.10 PM.png
Last night we had the pleasure of experiencing a world we’d never imagined we would venture into! The front-lines of the lesbian, feminist, afterlife! It was a terrifying, twisted, hilarious, AND totally informative adventure, and we’re glad we got the chance to see it! A bit about Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House:

Each Hallowe’en radical evangelical groups all over the USA and Canada build hell houses. Beginning in the 70’s, these performer-animated installations showcase a gruesome retribution for the sins of fornication, abortion, suicide, occultism, and– of course–same-sex relationships. This Hallowe’en Toronto artist Allyson Mitchell reclaims this hellish scenario with her crowd-sourced, lesbian-feminist, queer-fear-fighting and reinforcing Kill Joy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House.
Wrapping this American Gothic Hell House tradition with yard upon illustrated, elaborately decorated yard of spirited craft aesthetic, Mitchell mobilizes her “deep lez” commitment to radical queer world-making potential. Through it, she conjures new kinds of representations of feminist sexuality and queer concepts of community and activism.
Rug-hooked, crocheted, and paper maché’d constructions are horrific wonders for visitations of the undead lesbian community, some who’s ideas are happily buried forever and some who are hell-bent on remaining nightmarishly non-assimilated. Casting the spells of freaky feminist skill sharing and paranormal consciousness raising together with ghouls, bio-engineered monsters, indoctrinators, and avengers, this hell house is designed to pervert, not convert. These spirits dance in a complex mashy web of maligned feminist lesbian histories in tandem with the undead feminist monsters who insist on malicious gate keeping and movement stomping.

The house was incredibly well-executed, our tourguide was super informative, and we learned a lot about the world of our queer female and trans brothers and sisters! We highly recommend (or recommend highly?) checking out this house of horrors if you happen to be in the Toronto area!
Killjoy’s Kastle: A Lesbian Feminist Haunted House is on until October 30th, but get there early! (The line is worth the wait.)
BONUS! Check out this special Riot Ghoul mix of horrors that Don Pyle created specially for the piece!

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