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!! OMG, meet the face of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 “Series 4″ campaign: Final Fantasy’s CGI character, Lightning !!

Reality and fantasy become one : lightning a genuine heroine in the new @louisvuitton series 4 ad campaign

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Tres chic! After all, if female gamers or “gaymers” are down in their basements playing games like Final Fantasy all day long, just think of the disposable income they must have in their bank accounts, right!? Check out LV’s newest handbag ad above!

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!! OMG, a Q&A with Owen Pallett !!


This year is shaping up to be a big one for Owen Pallett, a.k.a. The Artist Formerly Known As Final Fantasy. The indie violinist has just released his debut album for Domino Records, Heartland, and as we reported previously, it’s an epic orchestral pop record with a homoerotic narrative about a super hot religious zealot named Lewis. He’s also featured in the January issue of Vogue and he just finished working on the score for John Cameron Mitchell’s new film, Rabbit Hole.

In his words: “There’s a part of me that knows that this is a year when I can send out for sushi or a year when I’m going to have to keep cooking at home.”

Pallett is also a big pop music fan. In addition to composing string arrangements for pop and indie acts such as Arcade Fire, Pet Shop Boys, The Last Shadow Puppets and Mika, he also likes to discuss and argue about the latest trends in Top 40 and R&B. We rang him up in New York after he wrapped work on Rabbit Hole to chat about Heartland, the time he got tanked in a club with the Pet Shop Boys, and his thoughts on Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.Read the full Q&A after the jump!

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