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!! OMG, gossip: New graphic details emerge around Sugar Bear’s secret gay sex life !!


Hope you’ve got some sourdough to mop up that ‘Sketti! [queerty]

How’s that desk job!? Oprah‘s tweets on her weight loss had made her over 15 million dollars already [celebitchy]

Susan Sarandon goes after Hillary on her gay rights record [towleroad]

TIDAL is still a hot mess, leaks RiRi‘s new album tracklisting for a hot second [dlisted]

FKA twigs and Bieber show u how they feel in their Calvins [ohlala]

Oh my God, I am LIVING for the new female President of Taiwan and her sassy quotes [kenneth]

Why is it that pretty much every celebrity in this paparazzi photo gallery looks like their lips are inhabited by swollen caterpillars? [socialite life]

Anti-government occupiers in Oregon arrested, one dead [boy culture]

PETA attacks SeaWorld with bizarre animal rape ad [joemygod]

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!! OMG, gossip: Did Prince Harry forget to wrap it up and gets some sluzzah preggo? !!


Not FAIR! [celebitchy]

Sam Smith talks being a ‘skinny minnie’ as Sharon Osbourne might say [boy culture]

Breathe a sigh of relief! Rpatz and FKA twigs are probably fine [socialite life]

What the cluck!? Are Oprah and Gayle teaming up with Chic-Fil-A? [kenneth]

The Quinto shares advice he offers to closeted actors who confide in him [queerty]

Pick your hearts up off the floor! Gus Kenworthy confirms he’s taken [towleroad]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will likely play Amy Winehouse in a biopic [dlisted]

Here’s The Hunger Games Wes Chatham getting all smexy for Bello Mag [ohlala]

Surprise! Putin‘s former top aide found dead in DC hotel room… hmmm fishy! [joemygod]

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!! OMG, gossip: FKA twigs in Versace at the MTV VMAS is a dream !!


…Someone call Prince! [celebitchy]

Billy Ray Cyrus has always been accepting of Miley‘s sexuality [queerty]

Armie Hammer joins the cast of Tom Ford‘s Nocturnal Animals [towleroad]

Justin Timberlake responds to Kanye saying that he cried when he didn’t win the Grammy [dlisted]

Here’s a shirtless Derek Hough doing the “Whip/Nae Nae” [socialite life]

Here’s a shirtless, 40-year old Ryan Phillipe giving most 20 year olds a run for their money [kenneth]

Logan Paul will do the splits wherever he pleases [boy culture]

LISTEN TO THIS: Here’s a song Siouxsie wrote for the Hannibal series finale [pinkisthenewblog]

The singularity is upon us! Facebook hits one billion users [joemygod]

Here’s some blonde model piece with a body on Fire Island showing the world what he’s made of [ohlala]

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!! OMG, WATCH THIS: FKA twigs drops voguetastic new video for ‘Glass & Patron’ !!

If there is one artist doing for music now what someone like Missy Elliot did in the 90’s, it’s FKA twigs. Her videos are rivaled by none lately, and go beyond what anyone’s used to seeing conceptually.
Check out her latest for Glass & Patron featuring vogue faces Benjamin Milan, David Magnifique, Javier Ninja, Alex Mugler, Tamsier, Jamel Prodigy, Dominant, and Kanerflex.

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!! OMG, gossip: Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush hires anti-gay activist who supports criminalization of homosexuality !!

KYHUTE! [joemygod]
FKA twigs turns it out, is colourful, at the McQueen: Savage Beauty event [celebitchy]
Debbie Harry‘s greatest regret is turning down the role of Pris in Blade Runner [kenneth]
Kathy Griffin quits that weak Fashion Police shit [boy culture]
Robert Downey Junior gives a 7-year old a real bionic man arm [socialite life]
Did Will Smith‘s son Jaden just come out on Twitter? [queerty]
Anna Faris doesn’t mind being stalked by the paparazzi [dlisted]
Does ever female character in every Disney Pixar film share the same face? [unrealitymag]
FunnyOrDie asks bystanders “When did you choose to be gay?” [towleroad]
Ford sells cars in Europe using the male bulge [ohlala]
The top 10 Kanye songs [celeb cafe]

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