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!! OMG, are you missing an eye? Oregon kids find an eyeball in Red Robin parking lot !!


Police are investigating after some kids found an eyeball near the Gresham Station shopping center Thursday night which was found inside a transparent medicine bottle in a parking lot near Red Robin next to a pair of shattered eyeglasses, shower gel and a lighter.

Britt Hancock works at Red Robin and said a group of kids on a scavenger hunt for a birthday party found it. They alerted restaurant workers who called police.

“It just broke my heart,” Hancock said. “Because either way, if it was an animal or a person, it’s just hard to think of how to feel. It was just so bizarre.”

Police said they have not received reports of a missing eyeball, but the eyeball has been sent in for test!

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!! OMG, mummy — look what I found!: 10 year-old German boy finds a real mummy in the attic !!

In “it’s-never-too-early-for-Halloween” type news (my local dollar store already has its decorations out): A ten year-old boy in Diepholz, Germany was playing in his grandparent’s attic when he discovered a sarcophagus hidden in the corner. Inside was a human mummy, which forensics experts say that after scanning, revealed to have an arrow lodged inside of its eye.
Another expert who attended a CT scan of the mummy says that while the skull is real, the rest of the mummy is a fake, compiled of “several human bodies”! Fierce!
Police say that if the mummy is found to be more than a few hundred years old, they won’t investigate foul-play. This is why I don’t have children.
[via artdaily]

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