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!! OMG, the trailer for Netflix’s FULLER HOUSE becomes their most watched trailer !!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.53.57 AM

The other shows must be thinking HOW RUDE!! right about now, as NetFlix’s trailer for FULLER HOUSE, (their FULL HOUSE sequel show) racked up more than 5.5 million YouTube views in its first day, and has totaled more than 10 million views to date, making it the most viewed clip on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. WERRRK, Kimmy Gibbler! Check out the teaser which is apparently blowing bitches’ minds below!

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!! OMG, Uncle Joey from FULL HOUSE says he’s known about Caitlyn Jenner for 25 years !!


Jenner may have taken the world by storm when she surprised the world as the newly appointed version of herself, Caitlyn, on the cover of Vanity Fair — but Dave Coulier from Full House has seen her coming-out coming for almost a quarter of a century!

“Bruce Jenner, he was really good friends with my ex-wife,” Coulier told Rush of his first wife Jayne Modean. “I knew this 25 years ago.”
Coulier, who was married to Modean from 1990 to 1992, said the recent revelations about Caitlyn’s gender identity were far from shocking — at least for him. “I knew that information, but I never vocalized it to anybody other than close friends,” he continued. “It wasn’t a surprise to me.”

In fact, the comedian did a show with Jenner called Skating With Celebrities several years ago. “When I saw him, I saw that he had gone through a little bit of constructive surgery,” Coulier, 55, recalled. “And I thought, ‘Man, I wonder if he’s actually going to do this.'” The star further claimed that before Jenner chose the name Caitlyn, she had a different moniker in mind. “My ex-wife always told me Bruce wanted to be Nicky Jenner,” the Fuller House actor shared.

When you’re ready, you’re ready!

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!! OMG, God is GUD! ‘FULL HOUSE’ to return for 13 episodes on NetFlix via spinoff !!

We can’t wait to see what trouble Mary-Kate and Ashley bring upon the Tanner household!
John Stamos appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he devulged that there will in fact be 13 new episodes of Full House coming to Netflix! The first episode will be an hour-long reunion episode, followed by 12 episodes about DJ, Kimmy, and Steph raising three kids! This is gonna be GOOD!

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!! OMG, DJ Tanner is back: FULL HOUSE to return to TV !!

Full House.jpg
When I was a child there were these two older girls who lived up the street from me who were into sanging that country music. They pretty much would have rather given their right arm than to miss an episode of Full House. Well, wherever they are today — I bet they are absolutely losing their shit, because Full House is A COMIN’ BACK y’all! Creator Jeff Franklin has been quoted as saying that:

“Last month I was asked by ABC and [Warner Bros.] to write a new show for the Full House characters. Everyone I’ve spoken with were very open to the idea [of returning].”

Yes, I’m sure Mary-Kate and Ashley are just chomping at the bit for that opportunity to put down their $55,000 pill-covered Damien Hirst handbags brimming with cash to hop a plane back for San Francisco again.

The forthcoming show would star DJ and Stephanie Tanner, and the original actresses, Candice Bure and Jodie Sweetin would reprise their roles at the ages of 37 and 31 respective.

Who are you excited to see return? An even DILF-ier Stamos? A straightedgier, and less meth-y Sweetin? DJ (who now works the late-shift bartending for tips in the Castro)?
[via TV Over Mind]

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