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!! OMG, how tack-E!: The ‘E! Network’ apologizes after ridiculous ‘FUN FACTS’ pop-ups during coverage of the Golden Globes !!

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.30.31 AM.png
Now, I’m not one to clutch my pearls at much, but this was ridiculous: The E! network had bitches up in arms last night when during their coverage of The Golden Globes‘ red carpet they had some tastless pop-ups appear on screen which announced the year Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease as a FUN FACT!
The amount of fun, however, did not transcend the Twitter-verse, as people lashed-out in disgust as more graphics appeared, shocked when a second came up regarding Robert Redford‘s struggle with Polio as a child!
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.30.55 AM.png
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 10.31.19 AM.png
The only explanation that comes to mind with this, is that the same hiring-agency responsible for the sign-language interpreter at Nelson Mandela‘s funeral hired the fool to do the FUN FACTS for The Golden Globes! It has truly been a year of low-key-televised-f*ckery at high profile events, and 2014 looks promising!
E! later issued an apology via the Hollywood Reporter, stating:
Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 12.45.47 PM.png

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