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!! OMG, attention poindexters: The underground world of USB “Dead Drops” !!

Aram Bartholl, a Berlin-based media artist, has started a new way of sharing files offline and “underground”. During his residency 3 years ago at EYEBEAM in NYC, Aram started by creating the first of 5 “Dead Drops” which are:

part of an anonymous, offline, peer to peer file-sharing network in public space. USB flash drives are embedded into walls, buildings and curbs accessible to anybody in public space. Everyone is invited to drop or find files on a dead drop. Plug your laptop to a wall, house or pole to share your favorite files and data. Each dead drop is installed empty except a readme.txt file explaining the project. ‘Dead Drops’ is open to participation. If you want to install a dead drop in your city/neighborhood follow the ‘how to’ instructions and submit the location and pictures.

Since then, Aram has kept a comprehensive map of drops around the world, documenting the locations of each (Click HERE for an interactive more specific map). Check out a how-to video on how to create your own Dead Drop after the jump.

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!! OMG, music to my rotting ears: New coffin allows you enjoy music in the afterlife !!

It’s probably boring as all-Hell 6 feet underground. If I had the money to burn on stupid shit (I don’t), this would be a product I could invest in.
What if when you die, you just lay there awake unable to move? This coffin will at least ensure that I’ve got all my Ke$ha CDs down there with me. My dream would be to spend eternity with Ke$ha just rapping to me while I lay there stuck…
Anyway, Swedish audio makers Pause Ljud & Bild have created The CataCombo Sound System. It’s a coffin with a customized audio system that allows you to bring along your favorite playlists as you enter your final resting place. Here are the coffin’s specs:

• Two-way front speakers
• 4-inch midbass drivers
• Wide range tweeter with external cooling
• 8-inch sub bass element
• Custom built 2.1 amplifier
• T-class stereo amplifier
• Tripath Class-T Digital Power Processing™ Technology
• SP Output R+L (4 ohm): 2x15W
• Output (8 Ohm): 2x10W
• Sub bass amplifier 50W RMS with SP output 80/120W
• Frequency range: 22Hz-20kHz
• Signal/noise ratio: >98dB signal
• Acoustic absorption factor αp= 0,65-0,95
• Performance-upgradeable music server
• 7-inch TFT-screen
• 2,5 GHz Intel Core processor
• 4 GB 1600 MHz HDD
• Wireless 4G internet connection
• Access to million of tracks
• Collaborative playlists

Check the chart above to see how it all works! Is this something you’d be interested investing in? If you’re not yet convinced, catch the informational video after the JUMP:
[via pulseradio]

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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