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!! OMG, ‘I’m about to Gabe-Day lose it’: Daniel Day Lewis’ son is the new Chet Haze !!

You know what? Bless ’em! Growing up in LA is a hell of a drug. Growing up in the impoverished, neglected, or otherwise disadvantaged residential area of a gated community can be pretty gangster.
First we had Chet Haze, who is Tom Hanks‘ spawn (not Colin Hanks — he probably hates that), and he decided it was a good idea to share his story of struggle via the rap genre. Now, once again, the rap Gods have struck down upon us by sending yet another white-celebrity-son-rapper, this time via Daniel Day Lewis‘s son Gabe aka GABEDAY.
I don’t blame these guys really… They’ve been told they can do whatever they want, they have the means and access to do it (and smoke many blunts as they want while doing it), and they’re giving it a shot. But in the wise words of Christina Aguilera, “my body’s saying let’s go, but my ears are saying HELL NO.”
What do you think about GABEDAY‘s first video release? Is the track working for you though? Do you think it’s trill? Would you say that Gabeday is closer to being the new Jigga, or the new face of SeanCody.com?

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