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!! OMG, light speed blazin’ chronic through the galaxy: Here’s An Image Of NASA’s New Warp Drive Spaceship !!

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 12.41.24 PM.png
The Imperial Senate will not sit still!
Above is a first look at NASA‘s artist rendering of what their plan for the first faster-than-light space ship will look like. Hopefully that thing will be able to get us to Kepler 186f STAT so we can begin polluting that shit!

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!! OMG, so many black holes: The Hubble Telescope Takes Most Colourful Evolving Photo Ever Of Our Universe !!

No, The Hubble Ultra Deep Field 2014 is not the name of a state-of-the-art new vibrator that hit the market this week, but a photograph of our evolving galaxy — the most extensive one yet.

“The scope of the photograph is simply gargantuan in scale. It captures over 10,000 galaxies, some of which are billions of light years away, extends back to within a few hundred millions of years of the big bang, and is presently regarded as “among the most colorful deep space images ever captured by the 24-year-old telescope.”

The photo is s a composite of exposures taken by the Hubble Telescope from 2003 to 2012. And you can check it out in full above by clicking to enlarge.
[via towleroad]

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