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!! OMG, from the golden age: CUPHEAD Brings Some 1930’s Cartoon Glamour To Video Gaming !!

If you’re over the first-person shooters and you want some handdrawn beauty to your gaming experience, you may want to check out the upcoming CUPHEAD in ‘Don’t Deal With The Devil’
drawn entirely in the style of classic 1930’s animation. Check out the trailer below!

[via dailydot]

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!! OMG, all work and no play makes Jack a dull Gameboy: It’s the 8-bit old-school videogame version of ‘The Shining’ !!

If you think Shelley Duvall is quirky and weird in real life, just wait until you see her done in 8-bit: Just in time for Halloween, Cinefix has released this awesome video of the film The Shining in 8-bit form!
And this isn’t the first time they’ve adapted films to 8-bit. Make sure to check out their Blade Runner and Star Trek games too!

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