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!! OMG, grab the marshmallows! Houston pastor Rick Scarborough has promised to set himself on fire should the Supreme Court rule in favour of gay marriage !!

rick scarborough

Houston pastor Rick Scarborough has promised to set himself on fire should the Supreme Court rule in favour of gay marriage!

Speaking at a “National Emergency Coalition” conference call with fellow Christian fundamentalist E.W. Jackson — how did we miss that? — Scarborough intoned: “We are not going to bow. We are not going to bend, and if necessary, we will burn.”

Talking like a strung-out agoraphobe who just finished a Walking Dead marathon, the 65-year-old blathered: “The preachers need to get out front, the leaders need to get out front, out front of these ordinary citizens and say, ‘Shoot me first.’”

Wow! BONUS round! She’s so creative! Not only will we be able to marry, but the world will be rid of one less (crispy) zealot! What a hot idea.

[via queerty]

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!! OMG, Michael Sam pops the question to his boyfriend at St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City !!

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!! OMG, congratulations: Beth Ditto weds her partner Kristin Ogata after gay marriage is legalised in Oregon !!

Congrats to Gossip singer and solo artist Beth Ditto and her new wife Kristin Ogata were finally able to marry legally, 18 months after their commitment ceremony in Hawaii in 2013.

The singer and campaigner announced the news on Facebook, saying: “Legally married finally, a year later! Thanks everyone who fought to make gay marriage legal in Oregon! In 2015, the whole US!”

Beth ditto wedding.PNG

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!! OMG, time to break out the kilts and the bagpipes! Scotland becomes 17th country to approve same-sex marriage !!

Big-ups and a big congrats to Scotland who became the 17th country to approve same-sex marriage yesterday! Very exciting news.

“Today will be remembered in history as the day that lesbian, gay and bisexual people were finally granted full legal equality in Scotland, and given an equal right to marry the person they love,” said Tom French, Policy Coordinator for the Equality Network, a Scottish LGBT advocacy group.
“This is a profoundly emotional moment for many people who grew up in a country where being gay was still a criminal offense until 1980. Scotland can be proud that we now have one of the most progressive equal marriage bills in the world, and that we’ve sent out a strong message about the kind of country we are,” said French.

Now that I think about it, the kilt was kind of made for the gay wedding!

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