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!! OMG, gossip: Jennifer Aniston has HAD IT with tabloids saying she’s knocked up !!


Jennifer Aniston writes a scathing article about tabloid media, hates being told she’s preggos when she ain’t! [celebitchy]

Mickey Rourke is working a Halloween store-bought Cruella DeVille wig [dlisted]

Pastor Rick Wiles: Satan is using Pokemon Go to spawn demonic powers to murder Christians – BUUUSTED! [joemygod]

Calvin Harris posts shirtless selfie on Snatchat [socialite life]

Gay-basher Kathryn Knott paroled just 5 months after being sentenced [boy culture]

Pokemon Go “D pics” are now a thing [queerty]

There’s a new gay TV show about a gay swimmer in the 90’s and this is what it looks like [towleroad]

Who’s got their banana hammock out for the world to see on the cover of your free weekly gay rags THIS week? [kenneth]

The men of Valentino Winter Edition 2016 [ohlala]

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!! OMG, finally! Lance Bass to host gay-dating reality show in the format of The Bachelor !!


Lance Bass has a new job! Phewwww!! The former N’Syncer is set to host the first gay reality dating show on US television, finding price charming which is set to air on Logo later this year.

The show will follow a format similar to that of The Bachelor, as potential suitors will all live in the same house as they compete against each other to win the heart of one bachelor. Contestants will then be eliminated one-by-one as the weeks roll by before one will then “commit to an exclusive relationship” with the chosen man looking for love.

Wait – wait – they have to commit to an exclusive relationship!? Whoever’s producing this better let contestants check their Grindr – instead of Tyra-Mail…

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!! OMG, PYOTR495: New horror film set amidst anti-LGBT violence in Russia to touch down at OUTFEST & FANTASIA !!


After premiering internationally this June at Frameline LGBT International Film Festival and taking home RBC‘s Best Emerging Artist Award at Toronto’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival, PYOTR495, a horror film set amidst anti-LGBT violence and legislation in Putin’s Russia, will head to Outfest and Fantasia festivals this summer.

The supernatural short set in present-day Moscow follows 16 year-old Pyotr one evening as he is baited by a dangerous group of Ultranationalist vigilantes. BUT Pyotr has a secret of his own… The film stars Alex Ozerov (The Americans, Orphan Black, Bitten) as Pyotr, and is scored by Berlin Techno producer Konrad Black.

PYOTR495 is giving its score away for free via Soundcloud, and you can preview it in full below, along with the film’s trailer.

PYOTR495 plays OUTFEST, tomorrow – Saturday July 9th at Harmony Gold as part of SCARED STIFF, and FANTASIA FEST in Montreal on July 18th at Concordia Hall Theatre before The Wailing. For more info visit the film’s official Facebook Page.

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!! OMG, someone named Boosie Flatazz claims TV is making kids gay, and get them pink dollahz !!

“Da Jetsons wasn’t kissin!” A rapper named Boosie Flatazz (not the name of an alcoholic flatbread) says the media is “forcing” people to be gay. He also says he doesn’t hate gay people, he KNOWS plenty of gay people!

All I know is Boosie has BAGGAGE, boo! Shit gets dark! Thoughts?

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