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!! OMG, gossip: Kate Hudson: “My mom Goldie and I see dead people.” !!

Kate Hudson: “My mom Goldie and I can see dead people.” [celebitchy]
Happy Monday! A very pregnant Zoe Saldana pole dancing at the airport! [dlisted]
Stephen Amell keepin it sexy in grease paint and bulgy leather pants on the set of Arrow [socialite life]
Why men should never go under the knife: Bruce Jenner edition [kenneth]
Here’s what anti-gay protesters eating their own words looks like [queerty]
NYC: 300,000 people march ahead of United Nations Climate Change Summit [joemygod]
Indonesian Sharia province may punish gay sex with 100 lashes [towleroad]
Here’s Barbara Streisand in a BDSM photo shoot [boy culture]
… and why not WIN some stuff from Barbara Streisand while you’re at it [popbytes]
Here come the men in black: Patrick Petitjean is Bvlgari‘s Man In Black [ohlala]
The Top 10 Bill Murray movies [celeb cafe]
5 action movies you can watch again and again [unrealitymag]

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!! OMG, PLANET HILLARY: Okay, Who Sent The Hash Brownies Over To NYT Magazine? !!

This ‘Planet Hillary’ cover is amazing [joemygod]
Justin Bieber says his mom graduated from the Dina Lohan School Of Parenting, and provided his drugs to him [celebitchy]
Gwen Stefani is looking prego and like a total babe [popbytes]
Goldie Hawn is not stoked about having shook the hand of an anti-gay Nigerian President Goodluck [boy culture]
Ronan Farrow (aka YUNG SINATRA) just bought me and him a 1.5 million dollar lovenest in the Upper West Side. Super thoughtful and sweet of him [kenneth]
New video from Disclosure X Mary J. Blige [towleroad]
An Anderson Cooper ventriloquist doll [dlisted]
David Beckham takes over the sunset strip in his underwear [ohlala]
4 year-old asks Australian Prime Minister to ‘please let boys marry boys’ [queerty]
Now free of Xenu, Suri Cruise enjoys the polar vortex. At least one of us is! (free of Xenu) [socialite life]
Classic video game action figures [unrealitymag]
10 real-life cyborgs [double viking]

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