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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Stream Erasure’s new album ‘The Violet Flame’ produced by Richard X !!

Erasure have released The Violet Flame, their first album since last year’s holiday album, Snow Globe.
The band (who’ve worked with producer Richard X on this) says it’s been inspired by everything from Eurotrance to Giorgio Moroder‘s sound.

“I really love all his work with Donna Summer,” Bell says. “I love the feeling of those arpeggiated synths, rhythms just going on. Or the sequences going on and vocal on top. That’s sublime. Especially with Donna. She reached her peak with that. That was the idea behind Paradise. I was channeling Donna quite a bit — and Grace Jones, as well.”

Some great influences! Check out the album stream, in full, below!

[via usatoday]

!! OMG, I’ve seen that face before: New Grace Jones Documentary In The Works !!

If you’ve been waiting for a proper doc with a behind the scenes look at maneater Grace Jones, well the time has come! BFI is set to help fund Sophie FiennesGrace Jones – The Musical of My Life, a doc coproduced with James Wilson and Katie Holly, which promises to:

Examine the private and public life of the Jamaican singer, mixing personal footage unique staged musical sequences.

I could probably just watch hours of footage of Grace and Philip Treacy gakked out and babbling on into the early hours of the morning at the Chateau Marmont, so if this doc does more than that — then it’s already WON.
[Thanks KDR via RealScreen]



!! OMG, I’ll have what they’re having: Grace Jones and Philip Treacy’s magical adventure !!

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 1.38.28 PM.png
Here’s pop icon and mother of all glamour, Miss Grace Jones exploding out of a limo towards the Chateau Marmont and working an “I’m sorry honnay, but your princess is in another castle” look courtesy of haute couture vaginal hatmaker Philip Treacy.
Philip takes to promoting the new McQueen coffee table book, while Grace chats about her own upcoming memoir which is in the works (Can’t WAIT!) She’s also asked what she thinks about Lady Gaga, what her plans were for the holidays, and playfully entertains the paparazzi! Check out some of the chaos that ensued below: