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!! OMG, bend and snap: Grainne Quinlan photographs Tai Chi enthusiasts with hilarious results !!

No, that’s not a new press photo for Daft Punk. It would be really hot if it was, but the music industry just hasn’t evolved to that level of glamour yet. The photo is actually from Irish, Hong-Kong based photographer, Grainne Quinlan‘s (pronounced Granny?) photo series White Crane Spread Wings which documents Tai Chi enthusiasts in Hong Kong.
I grew up in a part of a suburb that was populated mostly by new Hong Kong immigrants to Canada, so this photoseries is giving me crazy nostalgic vibes right now. I would see this on the steps of the library every morning on my way to school. I also like it because it’s like viewing an elderly version of Elle Woods’ “Bend and Snap”. Never a bad thing!
Check out the rest of Grainne‘s White Crane Spread Wings photoseries after the jump.
[via futureshoot]

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