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!! OMG, tiring of Grand Theft Auto?: ‘Ever, Jane’ video game aims to take you inside the virtual world of Jane Austen !!

Are you tired of stealing cars, killing mob bosses, and controlling prostitution rings in your gaming experience? No? We didn’t think so. Well… if you know someone who is — tell them about this game!
Ever, Jane is a new downloadable prototype which transports you into the world of Jane Austen. Does embellishing a story and gossip really give you a tickle? Are you just dying to slap someone across the face with a lacy white glove? Say something inappropriate at the supper table perhaps? You little MINX! Or worse: Marry into the wrong family?
Check out the trailer for Ever, Jane‘s recent Kickstarter above, and go to their page to download the prototype!
[via openculture]

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