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!! OMG, grab the Plutonian Nyborg! Robert Rodriguez to bring HEAVY METAL to TV? !!

Grindhouse and From Dusk Till Dawn director Robert Rodriguez was interviewed at SXSW this week, where he was asked about plans to adapt the 1981 dark fantasy, erotic horror cartoon franchise HEAVY METAL. Robert seemed optimistic about the possibility of a reboot, discussing format and a home for its return:

“Well, now that I’ve got a television network, potentially we could go into television…”
“It would be a variation of different types of animation … Classic, some hand drawn, some digital, some mixed media. That was always great about ‘Heavy Metal’ is everybody did a different thing, story dependent.”

We think this is JUST what television needs! Taarna the Taarakian needs to come back to Earth and show all these filthy Hollywood bitches how to properly wear out some big hair, knee-high stripper boots, and a PVC teddy while blaring the Sabbath!
Will you be watching if HEAVY METAL hits TV?

[via joblo.com]

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