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!! OMG, YAAASSS! Couple’s threesome with homeless man turns violent with hamburger meat !!

Sometimes a good thing just doesn’t last! Like when you invite a homeless guy into your house and then jealousy turns to meat flinging during your ménage à trois!

Martin Miller (mugshot above) and his wife, Daniela, let a homeless man named Michael Chaney stay at their place for a week. And one night Daniela and Chaney were f*cking in a bathtub. Martin, cooking hamburgers in the kitchen, felt left out. So he left the kitchen and went to the bathroom with chunks of raw ground round meat and then threw the raw meat into the bath water.
The homeless guy, according to Daniela, told Miller to stop being such a waste and so he left the room. That’s when the two of them got violent. Miller allegedly kicked Chaney and choked him. He also shoved Daniela. Eventually, Chaney and Daniela went to the hospital for treatment. There, they reported the incident.
Cops questioned Miller about his alleged acts in which he professed that because he was “a marine” he often goes “into kill mode” if he feels threatened. Now, because of his psycho creed, it appears he is facing a charge of assault by strangulation.

The nerve of that homeless man telling the husband to STOP BEING SUCH A WASTE! — WHILE he’s fucking the man’s wife! SMDH! I’d be flinging hamburger in “kill mode” too!
[via deathandtaxes]

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