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!! OMG, gossip: Wherein Zac Efron tells James Franco he masturbates 17 times per day (and is masturbating right now) !!

…even while driving [ohlala]
Lindsay Lohan is planning another feature film comeback. (What! DON’T LAUGH!)[dlisted]
Cher‘s health failing as she cancels remaining tourdates 🙁 [boy culture]
Michelle Duggar is harassing neighbours by phone, leaving them creepy messages about trans people (!? da fuq !?) [queerty]
Nick Jonas reveals that he’s no longer a virgin who can’t drive [socialite life]
The conversation about PrEP continues… [towleroad]
Brandi Glanville regrets her latest face-filler ‘I went too far with botox this time’ [celebitchy]
Disney‘s live-action Cinderella trailer is hurr [popbytes]
One pump, extra whip! Harlem pastor says ‘It is absolutely true that Starbucks laces their lattes with sodomite semen.” [joemygod]
Joe Mangeniello demonstrates the traditional “I’m standing with someone who might be a gay celebrity, but I’m okay with it cuz I’m pointing at them and smiling.” pose [kenneth]
Pitch Perfect 2 and the rest of this week’s movie trailers [unrealitymag]
The top 10 recipes using candy canes [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, first look at Jamie Dornan looking fine in the ’50 Shades’ trailer !!

First look at Jamie Dornan looking fine in the Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer [ohlala]
Elizabeth Banks: ‘I promote safe sex… and abstinence until you put a ring on it.’ [celebitchy]
Lily Allen releases ‘As Long As I Got You’ video [popbytes]
Hold me closer, vintage DANZA [boy culture]
Bout the sweetest thing I’ve heard all morning: Harlem Atlah Church gets super creative with their latest message of “Christian” hate [towleroad]
Grab the Bengay, a pack of Depends, and Worthers Originals:Lady Gaga & Tony Bennet record Anything Goes [joemygod]
A shirtless Jordan Catalano enjoys the water in Italy [socialite life]
Intelligent people all have one thing is common: They stay up later than stupid people [kenneth]
Michele Bachmann thinks gays want to ‘freely prey on little children sexually’ [queerty]
COMIC NERDS: The ‘Darth Car’ makes its debut at SDCC [unrealitymag]
Orlando Bloom tried to hit a toddler Justin Bieber [dlisted]
Top 10 Celebrity Weddings of 2014 [celeb cafe]

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