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!! OMG, get your bong ready: Lifetime’s at it again with “Flowers In The Attic” Remake Trailer !!

We still aren’t over how traumatized we were after watching House Of Versace drag on a couple months back on Lifetime. It was like being stuck in a sort of purgatory, unable to leave, unable to tear my eyes away from the pure camp, and comforted only by the warmth of our bong.
Well, it looks like Lifetime is up to their old shenanigans again, this time by churning out a Flowers In the Attic remake (but for TV) starring Heather Graham. The original movie wasn’t great either, but in life there are certain things you can count on, and one of those things is that Lifetime will surely provide a spectacle that will make V.C. Andrews roll in her grave.
Now I can’t speak for the females in the cast, but from what I remember about the men is that every one of them from the series eventually ends up DEAD! Probably for the best considering they’d have to stick around for another hour while Lifetime chews the scenery a bit more. Have a look at the brand new trailer after the jump!

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