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!! OMG, somebody find Nomi Malone a credit card: Fake shopping strip in Shenyang has everything from TIFEANY to CNANEL !!

This gorgeous oasis of a strip mall in Shenyang, China has a cornucopia of the hottest designer name-brands that only Nomi Malone could love. Their “forum” carries everything from CNANEL, Herwès, PRΛDΛ, Cairter, TIFEANY, and Ermanegildo Zegne.
You’ll probably be famished after all of that shopping, so why not pop over to Starbocks or Häagen-Dezs for a snack or a coffee!? The developer of the strip-mall says the stores:

…are fakes for marketing purpose only.

Right. Yes, that makes perfect sense. She should have just said that to begin with. You know, if they really want to sell people on these fake designer stores they should hire a fake Oprah and have her publicly denied at each location.
Check out the rest of the hot signage after the JUMP!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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