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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Lil’ Kim drops another Nicki Minaj diss track with ‘Identity Theft’ !!

When Nicki Minaj isn’t busy publicly tearing down her contemporaries (like Iggy Azalea), she’s busy responding to diss tracks from other people herself! Like this one: ‘Identity Theft’, the latest diss track about Nicki care of Lil’ Kim.
Personally, it’s sad to see these talented ladies focus all of their creative energy on diss tracks or public comments about eachother. It only makes them look sad, desperate, and/or threatened — God forbid they might group together and collaborate on something! But fugg it, if you’ve been waiting for new Lil’ Kim — here it is. Her latest rap/rant regarding Nicki Minaj below!
How I miss the days when Kim used to rap about sex and money!

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