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!! OMG, it’s Igor’s Look Of The Week: GRANDMA TECHNO !!

Okay, we may be late to the party on this Nonna, but Grandma Techno can “give ya Trance, give ya dub, give ya techno!” and girlfriend isn’t gonna let a little thing like a disability stop her from chatting up mangled ravers in Detroit and snapping their pics as she shimmy’s around through life. And that’s why she’s Igor’s Look Of The Week!

!! OMG, Igor’s Look Of The Week: Frankie Grande’s Halloween costume !!

If you’re looking for that perfect slutty, gay, circuit party Halloween costume this Halloween — but on STEROIDS — why not take a cue from Big Brother 16 castmate and Ariana Grande‘s brother Frankie Grande!?
Personally, I would have added a pair of furry white UGG boots to this… and maybe a wand… and some nipple clamps, but this is as close as it gets to pink Halloween perfection in my eyes. I’m not sure whether to wish him a Happy PRIDE or a Happy Halloween. And that’s why it’s Igor’s Look Of The Week!


!! OMG, it’s Igor’s Look of the Week: Wunderground Music’s Steve Aoki t-shirt !!

Igor‘s Look of the Week is EDM parody website Wunderground Music‘s Steve Aoki t-shirt, which has made the spoiled rich EDM DJ throw tantrum and threaten to sue!
The parody site created the shirt as an incentive for their crowd funding project, and Aoki (who made an estimated 14 million dollars in a 12-month period last year according to Forbes) is not pleased.
So why is it the ‘Look of the Week’? Well — not only does Aoki‘s brand of “EDM” make our ears bleed (…ehem, his collaboration with Linkin Park?), but just check out this clip where Aoki throws a cake and hits a fan in the wheelchair in the face! It’ll make you want to order 20!

[via factmag]


!! OMG, it’s Igor’s Look Of The Week: Donatella Versace’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge !!

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 9.20.10 AM.png
Kindness is always the look, and whether Grimes thinks that ALS has been cruel to animals or not, the ice bucket challenge is taking over the world one head at a time — even affecting bitches who you might think are made of ice and would MELT!
Example A: Donatella VERSACE! (Maya Rudolph could not have done a better Donatella than Donatella herself in this case.)
Girlfriend nominated Pharrell, Prince, and Pedro Almodovar! Best nominations yet! GOD, oh please bring us a PRINCE ALS Ice bucket challenge!