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!! OMG, Janet Jackson announces she’s officially PREGGOS at age 50! !!


Miss Jackson if you’re… PREGNANT! The 50-year-old pop singer is officially confirming her pregnancy and showing off her growing baby bump exclusively with PEOPLE Magazine:

“We thank God for our blessing,” says the star.

Awe, blessinz! Congrats to the mom-to-be, and in celebration of her pregnancy we give you this lil homage:

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!! OMG, Janet debuts new cover art and tracklisting for upcoming ‘Unbreakable’ album !!


Miss Jackson is back with what many are saying will be her (next?) comeback album, and from the reviews of her recent shows in North America people the new album, Time, should pack a punch! Check out the tracklisting after the jump!

“The album also will mark the first time Janet Jackson has opened up about her brother Michael and with reflections concerning her youth,” a statement on the site reads. “Inherent in this music will be her feelings that we must learn to celebrate life and the things each of us experiences and endures and how that process can make each person stronger.”

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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