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!! OMG, things that exist: Edward Snowden and Jean-Michel Jarre have made a techno track together !!

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has collaborated with French electronic pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre to make sweet music on a techno track to be released this coming weekend.

The unusual team-up came about after Jarre was interviewed for the Guardian last year. He asked if he could be put in touch with Snowden, whose revelations about US government surveillance were published in the newspaper.Jarre had come up with a “hectic, obsessive techno track, trying to illustrate the idea of this crazy quest for big data on one side and the manhunt for this one young guy by the CIA, NSA and FBI on the other,” he explained, calling Snowden “an absolute hero of our times”.

‘Exit’ features Snowden’s voice (speaking, not singing) and appears on Jarre’s forthcoming album of collaborations, Electronica Volume II: The Heart Of Noise, alongside tracks featuring Pet Shop Boys, Jeff Mills, Cyndi Lauper and many more.

Werk it, whistleblower! Electronica Volume II is due on May 6. WTF.

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!! OMG, a Q&A with Little Boots !!


Who is Little Boots? She is the pop star alter ego of 23-year-old Victoria Hesketh, a native of Blackpool, UK who gained notoriety last year thanks in part to her YouTube channel on which she posts clips of herself playing cover songs in her cluttered bedroom. Catchy early singles “Stuck on Repeat” and “Meddle” combined with her glittering retro-futuristic flamboyance and D.I.Y. approach to mainstream pop prompted the British press to label her a star in the making for 2009.

Two months ago she released Hands , a debut album featuring collaborations with Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, producer RedOne (Lady Gaga, Akon) and Human League’s Phil Oakey.
Despite Little Boots’ glam crystal-encrusted stage personae, you are more likely to encounter Hasketh on a synth forum than on a pop music message board. A self-professed techie, Hasketh incorporates unusual instruments, such as the Japanese-designed Tenori-on LED touchpad and the stylophone, into her live performances. She is also attempting to build her own laser harp.

We caught up with Hasketh last week in the midst of a manic move. Though she was schlepping boxes and her boyfriend’s laundry home from a London launderette, she dropped it all to chat with us about her upcoming North American club shows, her spacey stage vibe and her laser harp. Read the full Q&A after the jump.

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