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!! OMG, gossip: Amy Adams channels Posh Spice on the red carpet in Victoria Beckham’s label !!

She definitely needs to practice the Vicky B finger point [celebitchy]
New book documents Madonna‘s early days in pictures, before she was a roided-out cool mom Colonel Saunders with grillz [kenneth]
The Weeknd covers Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk In Love’ [towleroad]
Kanye West remixes Beyonce‘s ‘Drunk In Love’ [popbytes]
Rosie Perez says what everyone knew already — that J.Lo was a diva, even back in her Fly Girl days [dlisted]
Parker Young from Enlisted prances around without clothes on [ohlala]
Survey says: 86% of NFL players are cool with having an openly-gay teammate [joemygod]
Actor posts nude selfie to convince Redbox to stock his gay film [queerty]
A Walking Dead recap from last week [socialite life]
Another Igor hanging out in his underwear — with a body ALMOST as exquisite as mine [boy culture]
Artist Perry Maple‘s cartoon paper re-imagining of Gotham CIty [unrealitymag]
From the bathhouse, to you! The Top 10 John Travolta movies! [celeb cafe]
The most badass videogame bosses ever [double viking]

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!! OMG, gossip: Debbie Harry set to sell her Warhol for retirement fund? !!

Apparently, the insurance on it is a bitch! [kenneth]
How Publizity of them! Kevin Jonas‘ daughter’s birth had a CORPORATE SPONSOR [celebitchy]
Let’s just say Colton Hayes definitely knows his market [ohlala]
First there was “Jenny From The Block”, then there was “I’m Real”, now there’s “Same Girl” — I’m sensing a theme here! [popbytes]
Dylan Farrow‘s open letter on Woody Allen‘s alleged sexual abuse [boy culture]
VICE‘s “Young And Gay In Russia” will make you raise your fist in solidarity [queerty]
Sochi killing as many stray dogs as possible ahead of the winter Olympics (just gay dogs though, right?) [towleroad]
Sochi potty rules (does not apply to double-toilet) [joemygod]
Selena Gomez plunges into brunch [socialite life]
Happy Birthday, Brenda Dickson! [dlisted]
A Thor: The Dark World gag reel [unrealitymag]
Bizarre crimes you won’t believe happened [double viking]

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