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!! OMG, gossip: Remembering comedian Joan Rivers !!

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!! OMG, Joan Rivers, 81, in ‘critical condition after she stopped breathing during throat surgery’ !!

Terrible news! Comedian Joan Rivers has been rushed to hospital in critical condition. Some info from The Daily Mail via TMZ:

The 81-year-old was having surgery on her vocal chords at a clinic in Manhattan when she suddenly stopped breathing during the procedure
She was rushed to Mount Sinai hospital, where doctors are believed to be frantically trying to save her life
Someone called 911 at 9:39 a.m. New York time, telling the dispatcher, ‘We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest’
The star’s daughter Melissa is en route to New York

Whether you love Joan or not or can handle her bad taste, this is awful news! She’s one of the long-standing comedy greats! We hope that she’s able to pull through and offend another day!


!! OMG, gossip: Joan Rivers says #byefelicia to CNN reporter, storms off set !!

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