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!! OMG, gossip: Elizabeth Hasselbeck got dropped from Fox News !!


One less ignorant, bigoted voice on the airwaves! #byealicia [joemygod]

Joe Manginajello is off the market! [celebitchy]

Modern Family star comes out on Twitter, addresses body dismorphia [boy culture]

Kallin Slatz aka Kellan Lutz makes you squeam with joy as he kisses a cute puppy, AWEE!!! [socialite life]

OMG – Carrie, the board game! Put that on my Xmas list! [kenneth]

The KKK urges Floridians ‘the time is now to stop AIDS by bashing gays’ LOVELY! [queerty]

Gus Kenworthy takes the ‘chubby bunny challenge’… I imagine that being something that it’s probably not. Wishful thinking. [towleroad]

Universal really wants Angelina for a BRIDE OF FRANKENSTIEN remake[dlisted]

Here’s Jenny Aniston‘s hubby showing his tuckus in The Leftovers (NSFW) [ohlala]

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!! OMG, world news: Gaga made her dog Asia wear a pink bathrobe !!

Countdown to PETA shit fit in 3,2,1… [celebitchy]
A lawyer for several of the babes involved in The Fappening are suing Google for $100 million (pennies for Google, basically) [dlisted]
We’re gonna need more frappuccino: Brit Brit extends her Las Vegas residency [popbytes]
Matt Bomer and Joe Manginahello on the set of the new Magic Mike XXL [socialite life]
Picture this: The Blondie photo exhibit at the Chelsea hotel has been held over until Oct. 6th [kenneth]
Christian site: Satan is celebrating the LGBT characters on network television y’all! (That would explain Looking) [joemygod]
Gay twins do follow-up Q&A with parents after coming out to them on camera [towleroad]
Low-rent gay adult film star Luka Magnotta stands trial, admits he murdered and chopped up his boyfriend [queerty]
Dude in Monty Python Black Knight cosplay has the best sense of humour ever [unrealitymag]
The music-less music video channel! [boy culture]
L’Official Hommes Singapore’s Fall Issure has arrived and is chalked with wet models looking pained [ohlala]
The Top 10 guest voices that have appeared on The Simpsons [celeb cafe]

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