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!! OMG, gossip: The Game is back to posting his giant package on Instagram again !!

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.47.06 PM

Eggplant anyone!? [socialite life]

Adele talks feminism and her distaste for #squadgoals [celebitchy]

An interview with Tab Hunter [boy culture]

Jon Stewart inks four year deal with HBO [joemygod]

YASSSS! Debbie Harry went as Bride of Chucky for Halloween [kenneth]

Hey you twisted fucks! Here’s Luka Magnotta‘s letters from behind bars which suggest he’s lovin’ life in prison [queerty]

In case you needed to rot your brain anymore than it already is, here’s a Davey Wavey segment about how to ‘pick up Spanish men’ [towleroad]

Halle Berry‘s ex-hubbies take her to task and call her out on Twitter for pushing lies about them [dlisted]

Here’s Zefron losing his shirt in the Bad Grandpa trailer [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Laverne Cox cast in CBS legal drama pilot !!

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.10.03 PM.png
Cox will play Cameron Wirth, a trans Ivy League-educated lawyer who’s both competitive and compassionate, described as fierce and funny. [towleroad]
James Franco hits up the Berlinale in Berlin [socialite life]
Miley Cyrus‘s short film was pulled from that NYCPorn Film Festival [dlisted]
Come inside her jungle book: Sophie B Hawkins is pregnant and single at 50, y’all! DAMN! SHUCKS! [celebitchy]
Casper Van Dien is back in the Beyond The Wave trailer [ohlala]
Jon Stewart leaves The Daily Show [kenneth]
…and Rosie is leaving The View… UHgain [boy culture]
Russia’s hottest American actor comes out publicly [queerty]
Priest help: What to do when you have a demon in your bedroom [joemygod]
WATCH: Today’s teenagers react to Nintendo‘s 1989 Power Glove [unrealitymag]
The top 10 things you may not know about Andrew Garfield [celeb cafe]
GIVEAWAY: Madonna‘s Living For Love Remixes [popbytes]

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!! OMG, gossip: When Andy Cohen met Elmo !!

Andy Cohen meets Elmo [kenneth]
Tom Daley‘s rubbing on Dustin Lance Black [queerty]
Jared Leto talks to Jon Stewart about playing a trans woman [towleroad]
Rita Ora cast in Fifty Shades as Christian Grey’s adopted sister [celebitchy]
“And I’m just trying to have a life…” Amy Poehler and Liz from Publizity hold hands in NYC [socialite life]
DURRR: Chris Brown gets his ass sued — again [dlisted]
First there was Wrecking Ball, now comes Cannon Ball: Lea Michele debuts new single [popbytes]
This is so moving to the top of my Christmas list [boy culture]
Russia moves towards making anti-gay constitutional [joemygod]
Some sound advice: Watership Down is defo the bee’s knees [unrealitymag]
Let’s go surfin’ with some shirtless model dude [ohlala]
Warm your frozen heart: 3 real Christmas miracles [double viking]

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