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!! OMG, welcome to the year 2014: Madonna uses ‘GAY’ as negative slur to describe KALE! !!

Madge should really know that in today’s society there is NOTHING more sacred than Kale [celebitchy]
Abby, DON’T! Avril Lavigne defends her Hello, Kitty mess of a video [popbytes]
Some Christian bigots pull the “think of the CHILDREN!!!” card and try and stop people from using the Harvey Milk stamp [joemygod]
NPH receives rave reviews for Hedwig [socialite life]
AHHHHH! Cat Cafe hits NYC!!! Weeeee! [kenneth]
Betty White doesn’t understand homophobes: “What kind of human being are you?” [queerty]
Russian vigilantes and police block out screening of gay documentary saying “Western depravity won’t pass” [towleroad]
YEEEHAW! Miley Cyrus is out of the hospital y’all! [dlisted]
If Harry Potter was an 80’s anime [unrealitymag]
Alexander Ludwig and Clive Standen are shirtless vikings — as they should be! [ohlala]
JACK’D takes GRINDR to task in new ads [boy culture]
The Top 10 Game Of Thrones Sex Scenes [celeb cafe]

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