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!! OMG, she loves anything that smells of sheep: Tilda Swinton X Pringle of Scotland Knitwear !!

Another Mag just posted this brief, albeit awesome interview with Tilda Swinton regarding her collaboration with luxury knitwear designer, Pringle of Scotland, on her 2 new knitwear pieces inspired by actress Grace Kelly.
The excerpts from this hot article could easily just have been answered by @NotTildaSwinton, and mistaken for the real thing. (Or are they the same person?) Here are some of my favourite moments:

Tilda Swinton has become a national treasure, revered for her rare ability to work happily within both art-house and the mainstream. Androgynous yet glamorous, all the while intelligent, fearless and humble, she is a creative giant and fashion inspiration. She rarely wears make-up and has adopted her own influential tailored style of loose trousers, silk blouses, vibrant colours and exquisitely cut knitwear.

YASS! A National Treasure, who rarely wears makeup, and somehow makes androgyny glamorous! Credit where credit is due. From Tilda’s interview:

What is your favourite piece of knitwear at the moment?
An ancient ginger jersey belonging to my friend Louis made by his grandmother in the thirties – as intricate and reliable as a Celtic stone.
…I have the softest spot for anything that smells strongly of sheep.

…and I have the softest spot for anything that comes out of Tilda’s mouth. Making my Monday that much better! Love her.
[image and story via Another Mag]

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