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!! OMG, famous for being famous? Lock your doors! Mischa Barton and Brooke Hogan star in ‘LA SLASHER’ !!

la_slasher 1-mischa.jpg
Do you miss The O.C.’s Marissa Cooper? Big Brooke Hogan fan? Well, you’re in luck because they’re both starring in a new horror about a masked psychopath who goes on a reality star murder spree in the city of angels.

Incensed by the tabloid culture which celebrates it, the L.A. Slasher publicly abducts a series of reality TV stars, while the media and general public in turn begin to question if society is better off without them. A biting, social satire about reality TV and the glorification of people who are famous for simply being famous, “L.A. Slasher” explores why it has become acceptable and even admirable for people to become influential and wealthy based on no merit or talent – purely through notoriety achieved through shameful behavior.

I will watch ANYTHING with Brooke Hogan in it, or Victoria Gotti (she’s not in this). Check out the new teaser trailer below! Looks like you’re gonna have to pack your bongs deep to enjoy this one.

[via bloodydisgusting]

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