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!! OMG, a Q&A: Ladyfag interviews Casey Spooner !!

This entry is written by guestblogger Ladyfag.

When many men start creeping toward middle age, they buy themselves a red convertible: a possible last hurrah or an attempt to bring back the crazy hazy days of youth. Not Casey Spooner. Formerly the frontman for the highly successful Electroclash art extravaganza Fischerspooner, Casey has just come out with a solo album entitled “Adult Contemporary.”
He says, “It’s sort of the opposite now. I’m actually wearing clothes. I’m not prancing around stage in a jockstrap to Electroclash anymore.”

The man can change the music, but can the music really change the man? I wonder what his new show is all about and in the midst of our conversation he mentions that he and Jake Shears (of the Scissor Sisters) have been hitting the gym to see who can wear the tiniest Speedo for an upcoming video.

Casey Spooner and Jake Shears flex

The single (a duet), is called “Spanish Teenager.” The times they are a changing… Or are they? Let’s find out! Read the full Q&A after the jump.

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