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!! OMG, gossip: Judge Judy is STILL the highest paid person on televison !!


She’s one rich bitch! — Case closed! [dlisted]

Gay Drag Race judge goes on manic, pro-Trump Twitter rant [queerty]

This one is for the h8ers! Kathy Griffin is still with her 18-years-younger piece after 5 years together, so suck it! [celebitchy]

Leo DiCaprio isn’t here for climate change-deniers [boyculture]

One tough Cookie: EMPIRE‘s Taraji P Henson opens up about being brutally beaten by her first love in new memoir [bossip]

And here’s a bunch of hot ginger ass for you, cuz why the hell not — it’s Thursday! (NSFW) [wicked gay blog]

We’re fully booked! Leaked videos show Mormon leaders discussing the ‘homosexual agenda’ [towleroad]

The mind-boggling consistency of CHANEL [man repeller]

In case you have some free time on your hands: This man makes mini-pancakes for his kitten [ned hardy]

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!! OMG, gossip: Meryl Streep says she was told she was too ugly to play the lead in 1976’s KING KONG !!

…but it was probably just because there were no good roles for women under 40 [boy culture]
The world’s pannie resources are to be depleted: Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and Christian Bale are starring in a movie together [socialite life]
Miley Cyrus poses fully nekkid for V Magazine in series of polaroids [dlisted]
CRINGEWORTHY: Husband from TLC‘s ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ compares craving dick to craving donuts [towleroad]
Did Rihanna bang Leo DiCaprio last weekend? Maybe! [celebitchy]
The Penny Dreadful Season 2 trailer is here [ohlala]
The British Army will now ask recruits if they’re gay before enlisting! SCOORRE! Time to get to draft dodgin’! [queerty]
Colorado church cancels funeral for lesbian woman moments after it starts [joemygod]
Is this the world’s first trans deer? [kenneth]
Souls of the damned found in McDonalds ice cream [unrealitymag]
The 10 biggest moments from the Golden Globes [celeb cafe]

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!! OMG, gossip: Demi Lovato to headline NYC Pride, serve as grand marshall for LA Pride !!

Bring. Me. My Gays. [towleroad]
Welcome in Russia: Prince says he doesn’t use swear words anymore [dlisted]
Leo DiCaprio washes off the supermodel juices with some vitamin C infused showers [celebitchy]
Seth Rogan on Justin Bieber “He’s young, he’s a dick.” [popbytes]
Welcome to the year 2014! Clay Aiken probably won Democratic Primary in NC [boy culture]
Christopher Meloni talks about his “best ass on primetime” and getting hit on in the showers to a “clueless” Conan [joemygod]
Justin Theroux donates two tickets to the gun show [socialite life]
The Top 10 Best Dressed Ladies At The Met Gala [celeb cafe]
Michael Assbender and James McAvoy talk gay fan fiction [kenneth]
Ricky Martin shows off his banana hammock [queerty]
One of the dudes from J.Lo‘s I Luh Ya Papi video shows off some of his assets [ohlala]
The 10 Coolest Arcade Game Cabinets [unrealitymag]

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!! OMG, gossip: Miley covers up, looks cute in vintage Gaultier !!

Miley lookin chic (also kind of like she’s on Gallery Girls (RIP) and works at End of the Century) [socialite life]
Britney‘s fave writer is an anti-gay rights preacher? (Wait, Brit Brit can read?!) [celebitchy]
…which would be weird considering her BIG GAY SECRET [boy culture]
Hoe, hoe, hoe, and a bottle of rum! The Kardashian‘s Xmas Special [popbytes]
The best Spirit Airlines ad featuring Toronto’s crack smoking mayor Rob Ford [joemygod]
Another hot mugshot [kenneth]
BRAVO‘s Andy Cohen steps down as head-honcho [queerty]
I’m not like other regular moms, I’m a cool mom (posing with props) [unrealitymag]
Robbie Williams is pretending to be gay (sung to the tune of J’amie’s “Learning To Be Me”) [towleroad]
The chick from Warrant‘s “Cherry Pie” video (my favourite stripper song EVER) banged Leo Dicaprio before he was strictly Victoria’s Secret models only [dlisted]
Brand new squidgey-face on the scene, Ben Schnetzer covers BELLO Mag [ohlala]
EPIC Vine compilations, yo [double viking]

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